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What does Applied Optoelectronics do?
Applied Optoelectronics is a leading, vertically integrated provider of fiber-optic networking products, primarily for three networking
end-markets: cable television, or CATV, fiber-to-the-home, or FTTH, and internet data centers. Applied Optoelectronics designs and manufactures a range of optical communications products at varying levels of integration, from components, subassemblies and
modules to complete turn-key equipment.
In designing products for its customers, Applied Optoelectronics begins with the fundamental building blocks of lasers and laser components. From these foundational products, Applied Optoelectronics designs and manufacture a wide range of products to meet its customers' needs and specifications, and such products differ from each other by their end market, intended use and level of integration. Applied Optoelectronics is primarily focused on the higher-performance segments within all three of its target markets, which increasingly demand faster connectivity and innovation.
When was Applied Optoelectronics incorporated?

Applied Optoelectronics was incorporated in the State of Texas in 1997. In March 2013, Applied Optoelectronics, Inc., a Texas corporation, converted into a Delaware corporation.

On what stock exchange is Applied Optoelectronics listed and what is its ticker symbol?

Applied Optoelectronics common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Global Market under the ticker symbol “AAOI”.

Where are Applied Optoelectronics headquarters located?

Applied Optoelectronics headquarters are located at 13139 Jess Pirtle Blvd., Sugar Land, TX 77478.

Does the company have a direct purchase plan for its common stock?
Applied Optoelectronics does not currently offer a direct stock purchase plan. Our stock can be purchased or sold through a financial
institution such as a brokerage firm.
Who should I contact regarding my stock certificate (Transfer Agent)?
Continental Stock Transfer & Trust
17 Battery Place, 8th Floor
New York, New York 10004
Phone: 800-509-5586
When does Applied Optoelectronics fiscal year end?

Applied Optoelectronics fiscal year ends December 31.

Does Applied Optoelectronics pay dividends?

Applied Optoelectronics does not intend to declare or pay cash dividends on its capital stock in the foreseeable future.

Who are Applied Optoelectronics independent accountants?

Applied Optoelectronics independent registered public accountants are Grant Thornton LLP.

How can I request financial materials?
You may visit the SEC Filings section of the IR Website to download financial documents or contact investor relations at
by e-mail.
How can I contact Investor Relations?

Applied Optoelectronics Investor Relations firm is The Blueshirt Group and you may contact them by phone at 415-217-7722 or by e-mail at

When did Applied Optoelectronics go public?

Applied Optoelectronics went public on September 26, 2013.

Who were the underwriters on the Initial Public Offering?
Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Piper Jaffray & Co. were the book runners. Cowen and Company, LLC and Roth Capital Partners,
LLC were the co-managers.
Who should I contact to have the restrictions removed from my restricted stock certificates?
Continental Stock Transfer & Trust
17 Battery Place, 8th Floor
New York, New York 10004
Phone: 800-509-5586
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